We take pride in providing workable, innovative solutions for the operations of water treatment plants.

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Mining and manufacturing operations in Morganfield, KY trust us for quality electrical supplies.

Welcome to Timmons Electric Co. Inc.

The specialized systems used in mining and manufacturing require a special kind of know-how to design, install, and keep running smoothly. It is critical for these operations to find an experienced, knowledgeable firm that focuses solely on the equipment used in these kinds of processes.

At Timmons Electric Co. Inc., we are just such a firm. We take pride in helping local industries and utilities get the job done. We are an electrical contractor-power process and control specialist, working hard to provide the services needed for mining operations and manufacturing concerns in Morganfield, KY.

We specialize in providing water treatment plants and waste water treatment plants with the pumps, pump panels, and other equipment that they require to effectively purify water both before and after industrial or mining processes. In addition, we provide electrical, pumping, and control services for local mining undertakings, industrial operations, manufacturing facilities, and other commercial enterprises.

Whatever the business type may be, we are experts at providing the work required to keep industrial-grade electrical, pumping, and control systems fully and safely operational. Our technicians do high line work, install, repair, and upgrade sub stations and do installation and maintenance on electrical transformers, as well as provide all of the work necessary to keep lift stations in mine shafts fully functional.

Our team keeps a full fleet of modern equipment ready for any job, including drill rigs for directional boring, backhoes for trenching, and lifts-scissor and knuckle 4 wheel drives. We also have the gear on hand to provide full crane service. Finally, our electrical engineers use only the best materials and equipment when we install MCCs, poly ethelene piping, and ductile tubing.

Make sure your operation has all of the materials, systems, and advice that you require to operate efficiently and safely. Get in touch with us at Timmons Electric Co. Inc. and learn more about the full range of industrial and mining support services that we provide to our Morganfield, KY clients today.